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College & Career

Leaders: Pastor Tim & Trish Souza

Bell tower Room @ 11:00am

Everybody needs some help and encouragement, and this class of college students and singles gives you a place to belong. The class provides Bible teaching that is specific to the challenges and needs that face single adults. 

Image by Carly Rae Hobbins

Becoming One

Leaders: Chris & Trisha Edge

Room #105/6 @ 9:45am

The Becoming One class is designed to help young couples see how God’s Word can be used to guide them into a solid and wonderful relationship with their spouse. God’s Word is studied with diligence and purpose, looking to see how it can be applied in practical living.  



Leaders: Brady & Lesley Janiszewski

Room #104 @ 11:00am


The Compass group is geared toward empty nest couples who are interested in developing a relationship with God and fellowship with other couples and their families. The studies focus on God’s teachings in the Bible and applying the lessons in our daily lives.

Image by Joe Hepburn

Prime Timers

Leader: Shannon Dyess


Room 105/6 @ 9:00am


The Prime Timer connection group meets every Sunday for a time of Bible study together. The objective of the class is to grow in love for the Lord and understand Him better. It's also just a really great place to get together with really genuine people.

Adult Connection Groups

The  connection group program remains fresh and vibrant at Graceway.  Our desire is that connection groups be a time of learning God’s Word and building relationships with fellow believers. 

We are blessed to have skilled and effective church members that can lead classes with Biblical knowledge, humor, and insight. The connection groups at Graceway are always encouraging and always relevant. This hour is time well spent and has a profound effect on our entire congregation.

Each of our classes emphasize spiritual growth and practical Bible lessons for all ages. If you would like more information, please contact the church office or visit the Welcome Center on Sunday morning.

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